5 Health Hazards in Your Office

How Can a Commercial Cleaning Company Help You Prevent Them?

Today, we will focus on the main reasons why hiring a reliable commercial cleaning company to maintain your office is a good idea. Here are our suggested top 5 hazards you can avoid by booking a regular cleaning service:

  1. Damp walls hazard. Damp walls can cause asthma. Make sure your janitor ventilates the office well after cleaning it so that condensation can get out.
  2. Dust mites hazard. Dust mites are another asthma causing factors. They also cause allergies and eczema. If you want to protect your employees from all that, you should hire a commercial cleaning company to provide regular vacuuming, weekly wiping down of all surfaces around the office, including the desks, the office chairs, and the skirting boards in the kitchen area. Keeping your windows open is also a good option to reduce the level of humidity in a commercial building.
  3. Wet floors and surface hazard. Wet surfaces which are not mopped on time can cause a personal slip and fall injury. Using rubber mats in front of your office restroom can reduce the hazards of slipping and falling by as much as 67%. This will also reduce the possibility of you as an employer to pay a work-related injury compensation.
  4. Mold hazards. If the windows and doors of an office restroom are not cleaned on a regular basis, mold will start growing soon. We all know that high levels of mold can be extremely harmful to our health.
  5. Toilet hazards. Water droplets can contain e-coli bacteria from urine and feces in water. Regular cleaning and daily sanitizing will eliminate all types of bacteria and will make your employees feel safe. In fact, 98% of people admit that they make their first impression about whether a company is reliable or not partially on the basis of how clean the restroom was when they were at an interview.

When looking for a commercial cleaning company to keep your office immaculately cleaned on a regular basis, dial (213) 487-0059 and book the services of De Leon Building Maintenance. We are a janitorial cleaning contractor operating on the territory of Los Angeles CA.