Which Aspects of Your Janitorial Service You Dislike The Most?

If you have randomly booked a local janitorial service provider without asking for referrals and recommendations, you will most probably remain disappointed as there are plenty of unlicensed contractors which offer good service prices but low quality cleaning results, not to mention that they work with toxic cleaning chemicals . Today, we will introduce you to some of the most common problems that you as a business owner may have to face, if you have not booked the right cleaning company to maintain your office spotless:

  • The appliances in the kitchen area never get cleaned. It is important that you specify to your cleaners that you will need to get small kitchen appliances like microwave ovens and coffee machines cleaned on a daily basis. This is necessary because most companies charge separate fees for appliance cleaning which are additional to the janitorial service which you have booked. In order to avoid being ripped off, settle this before your cleaners arrive for the first time.
  • The supplies in your restrooms are not reloaded. Maintaining a commercial restroom area does not only involve sanitizing the toilet seat and toilet bowl. It should also include reloading of the soap dispensers as well as the tissue and toilet paper dispensers. If your janitor refuses to take care of these supplies, then you’d better start searching for a replacement cleaning company.
  • The cleaning chemicals are not included in the price and you are always charged extra for them. If you do not want your cleaners to speculate with the prices they are paying for the detergents they use while cleaning your office, we advise you to book a janitorial service which includes the chemicals in the fixed hourly cleaning fee. Don’t forget to check whether the products used are green. Solvents which are not environmentally-friendly may have toxic ingredients that often provoke allergies. If you want to keep your employees healthy, make sure your janitor never uses such cleaning products!

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