How to Clean and Disinfect Office Kitchen Areas

Can Your Janitorial Service Provider Guarantee You Immaculate Kitchen Cleaning?

The common kitchen areas keep more bacteria than any other part of your office, so you need to make sure that it is well-cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis. Booking a daily janitorial service will definitely solve this problem, as long as you work with a reliable and dedicated contractor.

If you want to know the areas where kitchen germs and bacteria love to hide and how to get them properly sanitized, read this post to its very end! Here are our top suggestions for bacteria accumulating locations:

  • Countertops. In order to get them properly cleaned, everything placed there should be moved away. The best product to use in order to sanitize this area is an antibacterial kitchen cleaner. It should be left to sit there for 10-15 minutes before being wiped away.
  • Kitchen sink. The faucet and the handles of the sink in your common kitchen area needs to be commonly disinfected because almost everyone in the office uses it on a daily basis. It should be cleaned last as your janitor may be rinsing debris and crumbs from the countertops into it.
  • Floors. Most of the tables and chairs will have to be moved if you want to make sure deep quality floor cleaning is done. You may request this service once a week when your office kitchen is not that busy and your janitor will have enough time and space to care for making the floors spotless. If your janitorial service team vacuums the area before mopping, the results will be even better.
  • Microwave and coffee machine area. This is the busiest corner in the kitchen, so these appliances need to be wiped with a sanitizing product every day.
  • Dishes. Refilling and cleaning the dish-washing soap dispenser is a must, so that the people working in the office can wash their dishes after lunch and keep the environment clean.

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