Is a Clean Office an Indication that a Business Is Successful?

How to Encourage Your Employers to Clean their Desks without Help from a Janitorial Service Provider.

Many people believe that a clean office environment can be a work booster. In most cases they are right! Working in a mess is definitely not inspiring, especially for people who need to be more creative in order to do their job well. Luckily, more and more employers in Los Angeles CA have learned about the advantages of maintaining a bacteria-free office environment and are booking janitorial service providers on a regular basis.

In fact, the office space of medium to large companies, where more than a hundred employees work together, should be cleaned even more often than once a day. Sometimes such companies require a janitor to visit the place once in the morning and then back again in the afternoon. Unfortunately, professional janitors cannot do much about the clutter but it is the employers that should become more responsible about that.

A janitor can sanitize the restroom and kitchen space, mop and vacuum the floors, dust all the skirting boards and office equipment but cannot organize documents and books, so you should also find a way to inspire your employers to tidy up their desks. Here are some tips from our janitorial service expert:

  1. Think about a bonus for the cleanest desk in the office. Make a competition with a special reward every week so that your employers can strive to win it. Whoever has the most well-organized desk wins a pack of nice chocolate cookies or a large pizza, etc. The prizes may be small but big enough to be worth the effort.
  2. Organize a massive office cleaning on the last Saturday of every month. Offer each of your employees a small financial bonus for stopping by and cleaning for a few hours once a month.
  3. Get more flowers. Green plants provoke a feeling of relaxation and provide a cozier, more natural working environment.

For all your heavy-duty janitorial service needs, however, you can always turn to De Leon Building Maintenance. Reach our cleaning team at (213) 487-0059 to check out our special deals.