How to Encourage Your Employees to Keep Their Working Space Clean

Tips to Help You Involve Your Workers in the Office Cleaning Which Cannot Be Done by a Janitorial Service Provider.

Booking a janitorial service is often not enough to maintain a healthy and bacteria-free environment around your office. Even if your kitchen and restroom areas are well cleaned and sanitized, there are high chances that there are bacteria on the working desks of your employees. This is why in order to make sure your commercial facility is immaculately clean at all times, you need to encourage the people working for you to get involved in the cleaning process.

Here are some tips to help you do it:

  • Encourage your employees to keep the common areas in your office clean and let them know that it is not a good idea for them to eat at their desks when there is a dining room area where they can do it in their breaks.
  • Provide a wood or glass cleaning product at every desk and let your workers know that they are more than welcome to use them at least once a week to clean their desks and computer peripheral equipment. Inform them that if they want to keep their privacy they will have to do it themselves, otherwise you will be forced to ask the janitorial service team that comes to your office to do it on their behalf and move some of the items on their desks in order to clean everything they want.
  • Create a reward system to encourage the most conscietious employees to continue cleaning and the ones that are lazy to begin cleaning. You can have a winner every month rewarded with a day off, for instance, and the winner of the year that will be rewarded with a bigger prize!

Of course, no matter how conscientious your employees are about cleaning and de-cluttering their desks and cubicles, you will still need to book a janitorial service provider to maintain the common areas in your office spotless. If you want to book affordable and convenient cleaning services in Los Angeles CA, you can always count on De Leon Building Maintenance. You can now reach our team for more information at (213) 487-0059!