Great Cleaning Tips for Commercial Property Cleaners – Part 1

How to Perform a Janitorial Service Easily.

If you are a beginner in the commercial cleaning business, then this post is the right thing that you need to read in order to get some free tips on how a quality janitorial service has to be performed. Today, we are going to guide you through managing small-scale and easy-to-do cleaning tasks, while in our next blog we will discuss the more complicated and time-consuming cleaning tasks!

Here is the easiest part of janitorial cleaning, which you need to learn how to do first:

  • Get good quality microfiber cloths to clean better with fewer or no cleaning chemicals.
  • Create a color-coding system for using these cloths so you can use separate cloths for the common kitchen, the dining area, the main office area, and of course, the restrooms. This is needed to prevent cross-contamination of germs throughout the office building that you are cleaning.
  • Use microfiber mops instead of brooms in order to remove the traces of daily traffic dirt without stirring up the allergens. Apply the mildest possible green cleaning solution for this job.
  • Watch the signal signs and words on the cleaning product that you intend to use to make sure that it is environmentally-friendly.
  • Spray cleaners onto the cleaning cloth, not the surface to be cleaned. Overspray is the leading cause for unnoticed residues and airborne chemicals.
  • Аlways wear rubber gloves to prevent the absorption of chemical solutions and vapors through the skin.

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