Helpful Tips about Alternative Office Cleaning Products

Facts and Myths about Some Janitorial Service “Homemade” Products.

Some cleaning chemicals which your janitorial service provider uses may aggravate your employee’s allergies and cause you lots of trouble. If you want to avoid such problems and focus on your more important business tasks, we advise you to read this post and get informed about the alternatives to conventional detergents that your janitor can use and which ones may cause even more harm.

Some inexpensive household ingredients can provide you with the same office cleaning results as harmful commercial cleaning detergents. Here is a short list of the products which can aid the cleaning process:

  • Ammonia. It is perfect for stripping the wax off floors, window cleaning, and grease cutting. Some people, however, may also have allergies or intolerance to it, so please make sure you check in advance before allowing your janitors to use it.
  • Sodium hydrochloride, also known as bleach. It has the ability to whiten any type of material and surface. In your office, it can be primarily used to remove mold and mildew. Besides its disinfection qualities, it also deodorizes the areas cleaned. Again, you need to be careful because some people may not have tolerance to its smell. (Don’t worry, chlorine and liquid bleach are not the same, and there is no free chlorine in bleach.)
  • Baking soda. it is perfect for polishing, stain removal, cleaning, and even deodorizing. What’s more, it is cheaper than many common cleaning products that can be found in stores.
  • Borax. Every janitorial service provider in Los Angeles CA knows that this is the best alternative to bleach. It can boost the cleaning power of any type of soap and perfectly remove mold and mildew.

Of course, every janitorial service provider has preferences for some special products. The best deal you can make is find a contractor that works with environmentally friendly products only. De Leon Building Maintenance is an office cleaning company in Los Angeles CA that uses green detergents only. Call us now at (213) 487-0059 to get information about our most preferred brands or to book an appointment!