How Are Your Observation Skills?

A Few Tips That Will Help You Recognize a Janitorial Service Professional.

If your home or office is in need of superior cleaning services, you can’t make compromises when it comes to quality. However, not everyone on the market, who poses as a specialist, will be able to meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. This is why, De Leon Building Maintenance has prepared a few tips for you which will help you on your search for a janitorial service specialist. Take a look!

  1. Always ask the expert, you are interested in, about the types of cleaning he/she performs. This is a very good question because it will easily tell you if the person in front of you has any professional experience in the matter. There are cases, where people would only vacuum the floors and later deodorize the room in order to give the impression of a complete cleaning service. However, the dust will still remain, but by the time you find out, the amateur would be long gone with your money.
  2. Make sure that when you have called a janitorial service specialist, you catch a quick glimpse on the equipment and products. Taken , that you have agreed in advance, that all consumables are provided by the cleaning company, it is always a good sign to see a variety of cleaning bottles, brushes and wipers. This means that the person you’re working with is a real professional who has prepared himself accordingly for the job.
  3. Ask about time schedules. If you are working with a professional company, you can be sure that they can offer you a bi-weekly or monthly service, depending on your personal preferences. Qualified professionals do not waste time and are always punctual when it comes to work.

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