How Dirty Are the Restrooms in Your Office?

Which Are the First Indications That You Definitely Need to Book a Janitorial Service?

The restroom in your office is one of the dirtiest places that you can visit. Even if a professional janitorial service is booked on a weekly basis, this may not be enough to keep your commercial restroom environment clean enough, especially if you are working with more than 10 other people. Here are the areas where bacteria likes to hide most:

  • Soap dispensers. They are constantly being contaminated, especially the refillable ones.
  • Bathroom sink. This is a place with high concentration of moisture which is a great home environment for bacteria.
  • Toilet seat. Water which is settled on your toilet seat after flushing can host some harmful germs.
  • Toilet handle. The fact that people flush the toilet before they wash their hands speaks for the level of germ contamination concentrated there.
  • Hot-air hand dryer. Avoid using this device because it blows germ infected air directly into you.

Official research show that it is twice more likely to encounter harmful germs in the ladies’ office restroom than in the gentlemen’s WC. Keeping this in mind, we advise you to ask the cleaners that are providing a janitorial service in your office every week to pay extra attention to the restroom where women go. Of course, if you have booked an expert cleaner that knows his business, it won’t be necessary for you to provide any guidance at all. Expert janitors with plenty of experience in commercial building cleaning like De Leon Building Maintenance know what they are doing, so if you choose their services, you will have nothing to worry about. They will even bring their own non-toxic detergents.

In order to book our services in Los Angeles CA, you will only have to call (213) 487-0059 and tell our customer care agents when the most convenient time is for you to schedule your initial cleaning appointment! We will normally come before the first cleaning session and discuss all the details to make sure that our cleaners will sanitize the areas around your office that are of top priority for you! We also have special deals that you may take advantage of depending on the frequency of the office cleaning services that you will need!