How Dirty Public Restrooms Are and How to Improve the Cleaning of Our Office Restrooms

Can a Regular Janitorial Service Save You from  the Bacteria in Your Office Restroom?

We all know that the restroom in our office is the most germ-infested area we visit on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a weekly janitorial service will not be enough to keep the high level of hygiene there, especially when there are more than 50 people working in the same office. A daily service should be what you must look for if you are a business owner that cares about his employees. Here are a few areas in the office restroom to which your janitors should pay extra attention to.

  • Sink. Sinks are the greatest reservoir of germs in commercial restrooms. This is because germs survive longer in an environment with higher levels of moisture. Recent studies prove that one out of 10 public restrooms host the bacteria of salmonella or fecal bacteria in their sinks. Shocking, isn’t it?
  • Toilet seat. Water dislodged from  the toilet during flushing can settle on the seats even after a single flush. Some bacterial organisms can live up to 20 hours if they do not get cleaned with a powerful sanitizing detergent. Although most people believe that the toilet seat is the dirtiest place in a restroom, it is commonly too dry for any bacteria to thrive.
  • Soap dispensers. Fecal bacteria causes 90% of the contamination in soap dispensers. Refillable soap dispensers are exposed to a shockingly high amount of bacteria daily, so we strongly recommend you to ask your janitorial service provider to use bottler liquid soap bottles that are replaced once they are emptied.
  • Toilet handle. It can easily become contaminated with bacteria because individuals commonly flush the toilet before washing their hands. Handles can be very hazardous for your health because they are contaminated with vapor from flushing.

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