How to Clean Your Cleaning Equipment

A Janitorial Service Is Safe When the Cleaning Equipment is Sanitized Regularly

This blog is not targeted at you, our customers, but rather at other janitorial service providers who are interested in discovering alternative ways to quickly cleaning the equipment they use on a daily basis to perform different janitorial tasks:

If you clean an office with dirty equipment, the results may not be as effective as you want it to be, and it may take you more time to perform a job that requires less efforts if your equipment is cleaner. The following tips may help you get the most out of your brooms, mops, sponges, or cleaning brushes:

  1. Sponge mop heads and sponges. Soak them in bleach for a few minutes after every cleaning, and you will have them prepared for the next day. Allow them to air dry if you choose to wash them in the dish-washing machine instead. You should not use a sponge longer than 6 weeks, no matter how good you clean it every day.
  2. Detachable mop heads they can be washed in the dish-washing machine as well, but if there is no such appliance in the office which you are cleaning, you can soak them in a disinfecting solution after you are done with the job. They should not sit there for more than an hour, however, so you can not leave them soaked up overnight. Plan your cleaning well in order to avoid this problem.
  3. Sweeping brooms. The most effective way to clean these after performing a janitorial service is to take them outdoors, pull away the loose debris like hair and cobwebs and then broom against a rough surface to remove all of the remaining dust.
  4. Cleaning rags and dust cloths. If you do not have a washing machine that you can use on site, you can soak them up overnight in green sanitizing chemicals mixed with water.

If you still need some extra tips, do not hesitate to contact the janitorial service provider De Leon Building Maintenance. The number you can dial if you want to reach our office assistants in Los Angeles CA is (213) 487-0059. We are expecting you.