Keeping Your Residence Fresh

How to Prolong the Effects of a Janitorial Service.

A lot of people hire professionals to clean their homes; however, they all have something in common – everything will get messy in a short period of time. When a specialist performs a superior janitorial service, there are many little things that clients can do in order to preserve that effect for as long as possible. This is why, De Leon Building Maintenance has listed a few interesting facts which will help you in this endeavor.

Wipe Your Shoes, or Take Them off!

People in the US have found it very unusual why many cultures take their shoes off when they enter their own house. The reason is quite simple – shoes can track small dirt particles, which in turn will cause them to stack up in different corners and spread around with each visitor. If you had your home thoroughly cleaned, make sure that you wash the bottom of your shoes if you do not enjoy walking barefoot. This way, there will be no dirt or dust tracking whatsoever.

Aerate through Your Windows, not through Your Doors.

It is an all known fact, that everybody should aerate their residence after a cleaning service. This process will get the bad air out and bring the fresh air in. However, here is the tricky part. If you are in a hurry and you wish to aerate fast, opening the front and back door works fine; however, it brings out a large quantity of dust and debris from the outside. You can get the same effect without the messy part by using the house’s windows.

The main adversaries of a clean home are dirt and dust. They can be easily tracked by dirty clothes and or shoes, and if you wish to keep your home clean, watch out for puddles of mud. Are you interested in finding additional janitorial service information? Contact our Los Angeles CA office at the phone number listed below, and we will assist you!

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