What Are the Prices You Should Expect to Pay for a Janitorial Service

Today, our team is going to talk about how janitorial service bidding is done by different cleaning contractors. We hope the following information will help you better plan your pricing requirements when it comes to hiring a professional janitor to maintain your office well-cleaned.

Every local contractor has an opinion when it comes to forming their cleaning service prices. Although many of you may think that pricing a janitorial cleaning is as easy as ABC, cleaners have a totally different point of view. For them making pricing calculations of their labor is a really complicated process. Here are the types of pricing you can encounter:

  • Paying by the square footage of the office area which has to be cleaned. The total square footage of the building times the price of cleaning/per foot. This formula is the least popular method for janitorial service calculation of all, because it is not always adequate to the condition of the building which has to be cleaned. Some commercial facilities which are smaller may take a lot more time to get cleaned than a large office building.
  • Paying an hourly rate for the services done. This option is offered mainly by contractors which perform regular office cleaning services. In fact, it is a very convenient way for paying for different cleaning services without recalculating the price every time. For example, if you book a janitor for 2 hours every day he/she can clean the windows one day, then the next day – the kitchen area appliances, then the next day will vacuum the draperies and floors, etc. This way, you pay the same price for simple and very complicated cleaning tasks, without extra charges.
  • Paying a set fee for the entire job. This option is offered usually only after an inspection of the property in advance. This way a janitor can provide you with the accurate price that you need and won’t alter the final amount to be paid once the cleaning is done.

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