Which Are the Dirtiest Places in Your Office?

Areas That Your Cleaners Should Focus on When You Book a Professional Janitorial Service.

In order to create the checklist for your cleaning team when you book a professional janitorial service, you will first have to find out which the dirtiest places around your office are. In this post, the experienced cleaning specialists of De Leon Building Maintenance will mention a few of them to make it easier for you to create this list and to save you time. Here are our suggestions:

  • Break room sink faucet handlers 74%;
  • Microwave door handlers 49%;
  • Desk phones 45%;
  • Coffee pots and dispensers in the kitchen area 41%;
  • Keyboards and computer mice 26%;
  • Common room or kitchen area refrigerator handlers 25%;
  • Vending machine buttons 22%;
  • Water fountain buttons 24%;
  • Toilet flushing buttons 15%;
  • Soap dispensers in the bathroom and kitchen areas 14%;

It is important to think about all these details when creating the cleaning checklist for your janitorial service provider because not all cleaners pay attention to these areas. They usually focus more on vacuuming, floor cleaning, dusting, and bathroom sanitizing because these are bigger tasks and the result from handling them is immediately visible, leaving the customer happy. In fact, the key to a successful cleaning is paying attention to the details that no one notices.

The bacteria which are most harmful to your health often hide in places that are not cleaned very often and collect moisture constantly. Although we believe a toilet seat in the common restrooms and the floors are the dirtiest places in our office, we are wrong. These areas are cleaned way too often and cannot accumulate that much dirt as the items from the list we posted.

If you want to book a professional janitorial service provider that will clean all these small items in your office and will pay attention to the details, you can count on our cleaning team based in Los Angeles CA. In order to reserve your initial appointment, you can call us at (213) 487-0059 and request a free quote!