Three Things That Your Janitorial Service Provider Cannot Work Without

If you want to book a reasonably priced janitorial service, you will have to be prepared to provide a few things for the cleaning team that you are about to work with. In order to help you understand what we are talking about, we have listed the 3 most important supplies that a janitor cannot do without.

  1. Suitable cleaning detergents and sanitizing products. If you are concerned about the environment as well as the health of your employees, you’d better make sure that the cleaning chemicals that you provide for your janitor are environmentally-friendly. Green cleaning should be your top concern when it comes to maintaining a healthy office environment!
  2. A powerful vacuum cleaner. A janitor that is visiting your office on a daily basis usually does not want to carry heavy vacuuming equipment by himself/herself every day. This is why, you may be requested to provide some room in your office where a powerful commercial vacuum cleaner can stay. Investing in one of these will definitely be beneficial for you.
  3. Floor cleaning mops and sponges. This is the basic equipment you will need to remove dirt from tiled and laminate surfaces as well as to sanitize them. You’d better stock your storage room with a few of them, so you do not have to think about buying new ones for a long period of time.