Tips on How a Quality Janitorial Service Can Protect You from Office Bed Bug Infestations

Although bed bugs prefer settling in a warm bedroom mattress, that does not protect you from their infestation in your office. They love to hitchhike, so they can be easily transferred to the couch in your office waiting room from a customer of yours who likes to travel.

Here are a few tips that can protect you from bringing any of the bed bugs from your office to your home:

  • Hire a cleaner that has powerful vacuuming equipment and uses it on a daily basis not only for the carpets but also for the upholstered furniture in the lobby room, main office cabinets and cubicles, hallways, etc.
  • Ask your cleaners to always inspect any upholstery in your office for telltale brownish or reddish spots. This is a sign which definitely indicates the presence of bed bugs. Believe it or not, these bugs can also infest areas behind pictures, wall crevices, electrical sockets, and even surge protectors. Once your janitor detects a problem he should inform you about it so that you can hire a pest control specialist to exterminate the colony.
  • Ask your employees to eliminate the clutter on their desks. If bed bugs notice a storage space that is not cleaned or organized for a long time, they will inevitable settle there. Unfortunately, a janitorial service provider cannot clean these areas because they are rather personal and need to be organized by the individual the clutter belongs to. Encourage your employees to report any suspected infestation signs after they clean up their very own working places.
  • Make sure that all the items which are delivered to your office are carefully inspected during the inventory and that their storage area is cleaned well.