Want to Know How the Professionals Do It?

How to Clean Office Windows If You Don’t Want to Hire a Company Offering Janitorial Service

As a professional and reliable contractor, we would like to give you some tips on how to clean your windows professionally if you don’t want a janitorial service professional to do it for you.

Tips on how a professional

  • Dilute your window cleaning solution in a bucket of water.
  • Apply the cleaning solution liberally on to your windows.
  • This is when any debris such as paint etc., which will not come off, will have to be scraped off.
  • Dry off the glass using a squeegee. Begin on the up left corner of the window, then pull the squeegee across, going from left to right, until you get to the other side. After each stroke, use a cloth to dry the blade off. Carry on doing this until the entire window is dry.
  • Finally, using a dry microfiber cloth, wipe the edges down of the windows, in addition to any spots you missed with the squeegee.

Tips to bear in mind when cleaning windows

  • Your window cleaning solution should contain ammonia, as this product works well cutting through grease, in addition to removing any fingerprints and grime off glass. But, practice caution, any products that contain ammonia will also remove any tint off of windows. It is important to check if the glass has a tint before using any solution which contains ammonia.
  • Ammonia also leave spots on wood. If your windows are surrounded by wood, it is recommended to either cover them or use a cleaning product that does not have ammonia in it.
  • Try to stay away from direct sunlight, as washing windows in direct sunlight will result in streaky windows.
  • Squeegee blades over time will get dull, or begin to wear out. Washing windows with a dull blade will leave streaks upon the window. So it is very important to first inspect the blade on a regular basis to see if it needs changing.

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