What Labels to Look for When Buying Office Cleaning Detergents?

Be Careful What Type of Cleaning Products Your Janitorial Service Provider Uses!

If you have already found a reliable janitorial service provider that you are happy with, then it is time for you to consider another common problem—the cleaning detergents used. If you want to be green and provide a healthy working environment for you and your employees, there are 3 labels which you should always look for:

  • “Ozone-friendly”. Clorofluorocarons can deplete the ozone layer which protects the Earth. Even though a product does not contain CFCs, it may contain other chemicals which also deplete the ozone. The release of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) can contribute to ground level ozone depletion. There are plenty of commercial cleaning products which contain VOCs like propane, butane, alcohols, and isobutene.
  • “Non-toxic”. Consumers understand non-toxic claims as statements that the product is not only safe for the human’s health but also for the environment. A good example of such product is any simple biodegradable and non-toxic all-purpose cleaner. Unfortunately, non-toxic often equals non-lethal but still harmful. There are way too many non-toxic cleaning detergents on the janitorial cleaning service market which contain hazardous substances like 2-butyl which can harm your liver, kidneys, and nervous system.
  • “Natural/Organic”. If you are looking for powerful organic cleaners, consider buying products which contain citrus oils. A product based on citrus oils is a safer choice for offices where many employees work in a little space. These oils are safe and biodegradable.

The best way to make sure that your janitorial cleaning service provider in Los Angeles CA is working only with products which are safe for your health and will also not harm the health of your employees, is to carefully research the chemicals which are listed on the product labels that your cleaners are using. The detergents which have a fragrance are usually not very safe. For more information about the cleaning products which your janitors should be allowed to use, contact De Leon Building Maintenance! Our office number is (213) 487-0059!