Frequently Asked Questions

The comprehensive process of commercial cleaning any given space is one that is entirely dependent on being as detail-oriented as possible. Clients that we at De Leon Building Maintenance serve are always given tailored offers that address all their concerns and help them provide a better work environment for their employees while prioritizing hygiene. We have covered a lot of necessary information on this page and are even open to providing more details. Clients can simply reach out to us and our customer service experts will be more than happy to help. Our work ethic is second to none across the greater Los Angeles, CA area.

Is hiring a professional cleaning service worth it?

Hiring reliable experts that offer janitorial service can help save property owners a lot of time and energy while also helping them lead healthier lives. Experts who have access to the right tools for the job and have the necessary experience in dealing with cleaning to provide truly exceptional results are worth the hire. Relying on professionals for your cleaning requirements enables property owners to get some truly exceptional results while never needing to undertake the effort themselves making for a worthwhile investment.

How frequently should deep cleaning be done?

Depending on the foot traffic a property receives, its location as well as the number of residents that occupy a given space, the frequency of needing to get deep cleaning done can alter. When it comes to floor maintenance and cleaning service hiring professionals ensures that no corners are neglected during the cleaning process, a systematic approach was adopted and the entire property was properly sanitized.

Why is hiring experts for construction cleaning necessary?

Experts that are well versed in dealing with post-construction cleaning have the right tools and more importantly, are aware of what materials if neglected can cause ailments to property owners. They can do a thorough vetting of the entire space and remove any hazardous materials after a project has concluded.

How to ensure restrooms are properly sanitized?

The number of different steps that can be undertaken by property owners tends to vary slightly for commercial and residential spaces. Commerical spaces can opt to switch to touchless fixtures to reduce contact with faucets. Residential properties can swap out bath mats regularly, install bidgets, protect toothbrushes from just begin exposed, and even invest in automatic toilet cleaners. It is advisable for both types of properties to hire timely building maintenance if they have access to such services and always ensure that there is no excess moisture in the restrooms.

How experienced are you?

As highly reliable and skilled professionals in our industry, we have been providing janitorial maintenance services for the better part of 34 years. Through this time, we have prioritized the highest levels of sanitation above all else and can easily exceed the expectations of our customers without raising any causes for concern.

We are hopeful that after going through this comprehensive page, new clients will be more than certain about putting their faith in us for their requirements. If they need some more details that were not covered on this page, we urge them to simply contact De Leon Building Maintenance at (213) 487-0059. Our customer service professionals will be more than happy to help. We are highly reliable experts that are second to none across Los Angeles, CA.