Tips From a Janitorial Service to Ensure Your Lobby Makes a Good Impression

Tips to Ensure Your Lobby Makes a Good Impression

Since the lobby is the first area of your company or organization that customers or clients will encounter, the way it appears reveals a lot about your priorities and level of professionalism. Here is some advice from a janitorial service on ensuring your lobby leaves a good first impression.

Make Sure It’s Spotlessly Clean

Naturally, maintaining an immaculate lobby is one of the most crucial things any company can do to guarantee that it creates a positive first impression. Visitors enter your building through the lobby, which they will likely recall most clearly long after they leave. Visitors may assume you treat your personnel and customers equally if your lobby needs to be addressed, cared for, and remembered. Your lobby may look smart and welcome by arranging routine thorough cleans, including carpet or wood floor polishing and everyday cleaning duties like vacuuming, dusting, and polishing.

Keep Furniture And Décor Fresh

Pay more attention to your lobby as you pass it daily to work. You’ll probably be the last to notice if it needs to be updated. It’s crucial to routinely inspect your lobby with new eyes or invite someone you can trust to come in and examine what needs work. Does the lighting need to be updated, or do the walls need a fresh coat of paint? The flooring may be deteriorating, or the furniture appears to be well-worn. It demonstrates awareness and a willingness to invest in your company’s image to keep your furnishings and décor current.

Lighting Matters

Although mood lighting may have fallen out of favor in the 1990s, the lighting in your lobby can significantly impact the perception you provide to visitors. If your lobby doesn’t receive much natural light, using brighter hues for the walls and floors might help keep the space from seeming gloomy, dull, and lifeless. If you have reading materials available, ensure the lobby is well-lit so visitors can easily read them or complete forms. If your lobby’s lighting requirements are only apparent after some time, consider speaking with an interior designer for guidance on the optimal locations for artificial light.

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